Rhino 8 Feature: Constraints

Maybe as an option, but not as the default. I want to see all my constraints and not have them hidden if I don’t select the sketch elements.

I have added a special context menu to help ease creating constraints. I have a video on it here. I’m hoping this makes things a little easier. Let me know what you think.

I have an open issue on fillets here. I’ll add your comments. There is a fine line to walk for having the constraints accessible without being intrusive. I do see the utility in what you’re suggesting and I have a few ideas to address them. The issue for that is here.

Ok, but what if you have many different constraint all over?
wouldn’t be a mess?

No, I’ve never experienced that as an issue in Fusion. It does hide all constraints from non-active sketches.

I’m not using F360.
In CREO when I have a sketch it’s mostly of the time hard to spot witch coincident constraint you should delete for a specific crv when they’re multiple even if it highlight the eometries.

I think that could be solved by displaying the constraints for selected sketch elements on top of other constraints.

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I agree!


No, these are not the final icons. When we first designed the icons they were only meant for the panel. That was short sighted. I’ve opened RH-69153 to redo the constraint icons so they are more readable.


If the icon set is completed, would you mind posting them all here so we can give feedback on them? Just a list of them would be fine. Could be just an heads-up when the task is completed. Community input on things like these usually raise their quality :wink:

Great, thanks for the feedback Joshua - - I’ll be sure to look into this…

@Joshua_Kennedy I got a crash.
I was on the World Front cplane and I copyed on sketch to a new position.
The new geometry weren’t sketch so i added them to a new one but I got the same name as before.
then I tried to rename it and Rhino Crashed.

hope this helps.

WISH: being able to copy a constrained Sketch to a new position and get a new constrained sketch in the new position.

oh woah. woah. the hotkeys and change of dimension type/alignment on the fly — neat
I also like the degrees of freedom bar. the points being pretty noticeable, and how the dimensions end up as a different color…

I have never opened blender in my life so this is wild

the box around the icons is distracting.
why not use the generic symbols used by the other guys - blender seems to be doing it…

Took a quick look at one of your videos on the history… Looks good. I’m not a huge fan of the panel to the right with the big list going – but I get it.
I’m way more into seeing everything on the part as dimensions and icons that I can interact with – the “sketch” – is there a way to turn off the constraint icons & the sketch dimensions with a button/hotkey?

WiSH: (maybe already on the list)
to have a toolbar to get access to the constraint.

Basically a CopyAndRedefineSketchPlane command. It’s a bit long :sweat_smile:
The individual CopySketch and RedefineSketchPlane would definitely be helpful if they aren’t there now.

This happened to me once or twice before but I can’t reproduce this in the latest WIP builds. I’ll keep my eye out for it though.

Yep, that’s logged here.

Logged as RH-67661. I’ll check on it’s progress since it’s not on my list.

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I added that note to RH-69153 to remove the black borders

Not currently, but turning on and off icons is planned.