Rhino 8 Feature: Build Blocks Better using Grasshopper

Hi Giusseppe. Sorry for the delay. I was out of town. The reason you’re seeing extra layers, etc. getting created is because you are not assigning any layers/attributes to your objects before they’re used in the block definition creation. You may want to refresh about what those attributes are and how to assign them to objects by reviewing this post. When you bake objects and you don’t assign a layer and/or attributes then Grasshopper has to make a decision as to where certain objects are supposed to go in the document (they can’t just float around without a layer designation… that’s against the rules). So, in this case, it’s using the layer name from the imported .3dm file which is used to create the block definition. So, the block definition for Panel A is baked to the Panel A layer in the document. Hopefully this makes sense.
It seems like what you want is to make blocks that can be modified easily and with easier grid points. I’ll see if I can come up with a modified demo for you. Hold tight.

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