Rhino 8 doesn't work with Enscape


I recently downloaded a trial of Rhino 8 in order to model with Enscape. However it has become apparent that enscape has not been updated to work with Rhino 8 yet. Can someone please provide a Rhino 7 download?

Thank you

Hi Alice,

If i recall correctly there is work being done by Enscape to update. You can try switching to .Netframework, but not 100% sure that’s the issue in this case.

Please create a new shortcut per the instructions, its easy to forget the hard switch.

Create a shortcut of Rhino8 and call it for example Rhino 8 net

Right click and open properties window

space + /netfx

in the Target like this:

“C:\Program Files\Rhino 8\System\Rhino.exe” /netfx

You can then use all non supported plugins from Rhino7 To Rhino8,
in Rhino8

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Hi Japhy - thanks. Is there no way to revert to Rhino 7? Yes you’re correct that Enscape hasn’t updated yet - I’m on a bit of a deadline and don’t really have time to wait for them to issue their update…
Thanks again

Thanks - I’ll give it a try

I think if you do this the problem will be solved:
Type the

SetDotNetRuntime command. (In Rhino8)Set the RunTime option to


. Close the window and open it again.

Not on an the Evaluation, there are options for paid license holders (note there are some caveats when upgrading)

is there a similar workaround to get Enscape working in Rhino 8 on Mac?

No, but we and Enscape are working to get it running as soon as we can.


I’m not sure how stable it is as I haven’t tested extensively but if you run the latest Service Release of Rhino and the latest update of Enscape, it won’t show the toolbar in Rhino but you can run command lines like EnscapeStart and it will boot enscape. The live updating seems to be slow but I was also generating geometry from Grasshopper so that might be part of it.

Either way I’m super excited to use Enscape with R8 so you can dive in and start playing testing if you want. I just don’t think there’s a lifeguard on duty yet so swim at your own risk :shark:

has this issue been resolved yet? the netframework change is not working for me

Enscape is working on their next release, which will support Rhino 8.

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any idea when it will be released

D5 is the answer.

Hi John -

That’s something that you’ll need to ask Enscape about.

3.0 beta was released 2 days ago. Didn’t test.