Rhino 8 Development

For the roof, often times it’s not just one part that is wonky, but the entire building profile is skewed with various larger and smaller extensions. In that case, splitting all these parts becomes quite a chore. Especially, because the parts may not always be visually apparent.

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Sorry for veering off topic, but can you recommend an animated GIF creator?

well… there are some physical realities to consider… what rhino won’t do is fill in the gaps if you try to do a roofline like this one. Anytime the move cannot do so in a perfectly planar degree 1 way the move will revert to a degree 3 face and give you that distortion.

have you seen this video?

anytime you cannot do a direct degree 1 move, you’ll need to extract faces and then move, join, cap, etc. Rhino does not have intelligence built into this tool and can’t make assumptions on what you are intending. It only does exactly what you ask.

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I use screentogif it is free and pretty easy to use.

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Yes I know about the video, it’s one of the videos I used to get started a couple years ago.

I recall having seen a software that was able to do this, someone posted it on the forums earlier, but I’m not sure whether it was NX or Solidworks, don’t have access to either one of them to check. Nor could I find the post with a quick search.

You can help yourself by creating a (huge) plane per roof part first, then intersect them, then split away the superfluous parts, using the intersection lines.

Also, as you might know, VisualArq has a roof tool, which can do all this. Not freeware, though.