Rhino 8 Development

__Soft Transform is a very great tool . But the spline deformer gives slightly different possibilities if you consider this topic in more detail. It kind of reminds me of rigging, but with a Bezier curve. We can also, at a high level of subdivide, use our Bezier curve to deform the geometry. Although, of course, it can be done with a grasshopper, but I’m not good at it.
I have sent only a few examples from this topic.

Pixar’s USD (Universal Scene Description) format is important (USD Home — Universal Scene Description 21.11 documentation). Some companies (NVIDIA), are using this as the default format for their evolving Metaverse efforts. That makes sense. Blender has import/export capability already. Its stands a fighting chance to be the world’s default 3d scene format going forwarrd. Metaverse is of course the hottest topic in 3d for 2022, with many efforts underway in terms of interoperability.


The ability to create a table of contents- or BOM as some call it. A live table you can refresh, and export for use in Excel when working with the shop floor or the procurement department. The kind of thing you can do in Vectorworks with worksheets, extracting data from symbols and creating a table of contents, name, size, finish, quantity etc etc, would be an awesome addtion (and badly needed and wanted for years)


command line in rhino for mac ! It is just so great!