Rhino 8 Development

Have you ever tried contacting the ZB folks directly about anything? My experience with them over the last 10 years or so has been, saying it politely, a bit lacking.

Not really. I don’t use ZBrush any more. The rare cases where I need some digital sculpting are covered by Blender nowadays.

That’s a shame! I guess many companies are like that, but I can also somewhat understand why.

+1 to this and all previous comments concerning blocks.

Block system is the main thing about Rhino that makes some architects I know prefer SketchUp.

Architects are used to a workflow involving nested blocks, and that is insufferable to manage in Rhino.

Also as others mentioned before too, parametric blocks seem like a very natural and obvious extension of Grasshopper into more “normal” modelling workflows, ie. a block holding a grasshopper file as its DNA, remaining always baked and interactable with, but modifiable through block attributes.


PLEASE, put labeling and information in a way that will make interoperability with Revit better and native. Maybe use blocks similar to families or just in a way that can change between programs with no problems

When will V8 be available for beta testing?
Rough estimate if you have one yet?


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Is there something about the concept of the parametric blocks that Visual ARQ Grasshopper Style Elements won’t do?
From your description, it looks exactly like Grasshopper Style.

No. VisualArq elements with grasshopper are great! Fully parametric blocks that automatically expose the inputs/outputs of a GH definition into the standard Rhino UI. (I use them happily whenever feasible)
The question is more, should this feature be part of o.o.t.b. Rhino.
VisualArq is for architecture. vaElements are something any user could need, from any industry. So, should one buy the not-particularly-cheap VA for this feature alone?

The way vaElements work is so ‘natural’ - I wonder why not more people want and need to encapsulate GH stuff into some ‘standard’ Rhino object(block), without having to keep the GH window open and deal with it’s nice but quite different UI during work. I always find it gets in the way.

Should McNeel decide to add such a feature - should they buy out AsuniCAD? Or rewrite it, and add another layer of (in)compatibility?


I don’t know much about exact business relations between these two companies and I am not a person to touch about it.
Some users must know that there are a couple of popular wishes of Rhino users that are addressed by Visual ARQ already (clipping plane hatches - in a form of sections and plans, vector output, parametric blocks), and from the strategic point of view, I would not rip them out from VA into Rhino. :wink:

I think VA deserves to gain popularity that would certainly help in its development.
If architects are using originally non-architectural software such as Rhino, then other designers can benefit from using the architectural plugin like Visual ARQ too.


True. Asuni are ‘nice guys’, if I may say so. They should live long and prosper!


FYI - Asuni and McNeel are (very) closely related. They both share the same space in Barcelona which is McNeel Europe’s HQ and Asuni’s office.


Yes, I’ve looked this address up in the map once. ;} Looks like a nice place to work at!

yeah level of integration between rhino ans grasshopper should step up even more in next version. i imagine modelling with history would create grasshopper definition in real time 1:1 (check catia xperience). This could be the last evolution of CAD workflow. Maybe …


Mc Euro office is awesome… amazing location, amazing people.


Looks like a garage…

only on the outside.


My personal wishlist for Rhino 8 (mac):

  • fast display and editing speed with 2d drawings, hatches, lines and layouts. Incoming and outgoing 2d drawings can be massive in quantity of hatches, points, curves, blocks and texts
  • a better block editor
  • being able to open AutoCAD dynamic blocks and layouts.

And maybe more material and short tool tricks for experienced users on youtoube.

I think for the 8 it’s the small things which would make a big difference.

That’s all for now .)


Install the Shapediver plugin and then you get glTF export :wink:


There is also a glTF plug-in in the package manager.


Is this a wish-list page?

I have one. I know that it’s small beer but…

It would be nice if I could pan the render window with a right click drag - like you can do in an ortho view in the main editing window.

It’s a teeny-tiny bit annoying to have to manipulate the scrollbars to move around a zoomed-in image.

That would fulfil all my Rhino 8 wants :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and make the product complete.

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