Rhino 8 Development

Hi @andrew.nowicki,

I’ve used section tools occasionally, but this plugin doesn’t address the fundamental features that many uses have been asking about for years: Object exclusion and clipping extents.

There’s actually another plugin that gets a bit closer called Dynamic Display. Add object exclusion to this and we’re all set. I’ll gladly pay Asuni $35 bucks for this functionality (but of course, it’s preferable to have this integrated into native Rhino as a first-class citizen so it would get the continued attention it deserves.)

Since VisualArq can exclude objects from clipping and Dynamic Display can control clipping extents, It appear to me–as someone who is not a software developer–that all the ingredients already exist within the McNeel/Asuni ecosystem and it’s just a matter of convincing our friendly developers to devote resources to exploring this feature in the next WIP.