Rhino 8 Computer hanging needs resetting

I have no idea what a memory dump is (or how to do it).
It just happened again. It never happened with Rhino7.

[just venting my frustration a bit, I hope this does not become like the previous situation, where everything was blamed on my system, which clearly did not have the minimum requirements but, although, slow worked fairly well. I then invested on a new computer, to find that most of the problems blamed on the system, persisted in the new machine.]

[just spent half an hour, disposing of the bodies of the ‘dead dynamic sections’, to hang again and having to start that gruesome and frustrating on its own merits]

[edit] After the computer directly, a not so easy task because of our step-up, I found out unsurprisingly that the computer was unresponsive and I could not even access the task manager. So I had to reset it manually (thank goodness for physical buttons). I’ll work for a while directly on the computer.
@nathanletwory Please let me know what do you want me to do when it happens again. Thanks.