Rhino 8 Command Line Loses Focus

I try my best…to do a catch.

my alchemistical, non-scientific, glas-bowl guessing - it has to do with:

  • multi documents open
  • rhino running for a few hours without restart (so maybe the bug is close to the memory leak that happened in early V8)
  • maybe with a second monitor I use while teaching

there are a few Mac-symptoms that might be linked:

  • if rhino ran for several hours, sometimes, nightshift (monitor-color adaption - less blue) is not activated (reported here)
  • with multiple rhino documents open, start a command in one document, do not finish the command, (for example keep arrayPolar in the preview-state) go to another document - this sometimes / quite often results in an unresponsible or limited responsibility - state of the second document…
  • additional mouse click for SetPt or BlockEdit - see above…

but really this is just guessing… as soon as I find something that is repeatable I will report.