Rhino 8, Catalina (Mac OSX 10.15)

Hello forum,

Why won’t Rhino 8 be available for OSX lower than Big Sur?
I ask myself this question, why?
-Is Apple the driving force or is the MacNeel?
Is it really problematic to release Rhino 8 for different Apple operating systems?
I have an iMac that runs with Catlina. Do you have to buy a new Apple computer every 3-4 years ??? Every new operating system makes the computer slower. Small changes to the hardware prevent features (such as sidecar, etc …).
Is that really the case now that with the switch to the M1 chip, all other Apple computers will be thrown away in a short time? WTF
With Windows you have other problems, but not this artificial obsolete like with Apple.



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Apple drives this. My guess is we are using something in V8 that isn’t or won’t be supported under Catalina by the time V8 is released.

John is correct; we are rewriting our viewport display using some modern features that are not available on older versions of the operating system. Computers that Apple does not support for upgrading to the most recent OS version are also ones that are difficult for us to support as well.