Rhino 8 Bug, Split by IPlane

!_Split _Pause IP _Vertical _Pause _Pause _Enter

The run failed

Hi -

That works fine here:

Please post a 3dm file that you are having issues with.
Also, please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.

When you select the Chinese version, it doesn’t work,

When switching to the English version, it can be run

Just in case - this is not quite right, there needs to be a space after !
! _Split _Pause IP _Vertical _Pause _Pause _Enter
I don’t know if IP also may need an underscore >>> _IP


@jessesn - can you test this?


在 Rhino 8 中请使用下面的 Macro,

! _Split _Pause _InfinitePlane _Vertical _Pause _Pause _Enter


I found the same issue about IP with @SONG1 in Rhino 8, and I made an YT for it.

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Successfully run, thanks