Rhino 8 Bug: GHPython GH_Component SDK Mode Broken

I don’t think so, but might be wrong. That bug appears to be the Solution exception:Object reference not set to an instance of an object error message being raised when one of the two shipped GHPython components (the upper one if I recall) was first instantiated on the canvas. Which appears to be fixed in Rhino 8.4.24037.15001. The bug I’m reporting is when one instantiates either of the two GHPython components and sets its mode to GH_Component SDK Mode (or open an existing file using SDK Mode components) the error message:

Runtime error (ApplicationException): MyComponent must be of type ExecutingComponent, but is "IronPython.NewTypes.GhPython.Assemblies.ExecutingComponent_8$8"

Is raised, suggesting that from ghpythonlib.componentbase import executingcomponent as component might be borked for me somehow:

Perhaps it might be related to these changes to the new componentbase.pyfile (right):