Rhino 8 Beta - User Text - Ensure Not Ensuring


I cannot get the Ensure method of the User Text component to work for the life of me.

It always overwrites the User Text Value.

On your end does it work correctly?

My expectation/workflow is the following:

-Create a new “object” and assign default parameters and bake to document (example here “Room Center Points”)

Establish Default Parameters:

Create a text entity with the Room Name Value as the Text:

Bake Text Entity Room Tag to new layer:

Bake Success:

Post Initial Bake after changing another room tag Room Name value (Also Succeeds):

However, when I make a change such as moving a room division line/wall (which would update the location of the room center point) the values of the Room Tags/User Text return to the defaults despite “Ensure” being enabled.

I was able to “catch” the Bake Content component expiring the Query Model Objects component. Is this what is breaking the reference chain?

In my mind how I have it set up should be working but either it’s bugged or a user error on my end that I cannot figure out.

Thank you for your help!

Okay so… It works if I bake the original points to Rhino and THEN bake the User Text after that again before passing it along in the reference chain.

Below in this image you can see that by adding the bake node at “A” it works but if I only have “B” it always gets overwritten.

@AndyPayne Could you please weigh in on if this is expected behavior or not?

Thank you all!

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This looks like a bug YT

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Thanks @Japhy , is this a YT you can give public access to?

I marked it public when creating, is it not accessible???

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Hmm not on my end, I get a 404 error when clicking the link.

Ok, It must be due to the state (submitted), when they classify it to Open it will be public.