Rhino 8 BETA : fails to load UI from rhw

My understanding that the power of rhw is to encapsulate your UI configuration in a single file that can be backed up and can be shared among other devices (ex. Home and Work). the two issues that I’m witnessing is counterproductive to this approach of managing the user interface.
1- my biggest issue is that big portion of the UI is handled under rhino options , Toolbars, Popup, Icon size, Tab Size. as well as any linked RUI is handled under the Rhino options.
2- Loading an rhw on another machine fails in some instances, although both machines can have identical setup for rhino version and plugins.(this instance attached as a reference) it works on a desktop workstation and fails to load on another laptop machine.

23-1020 - UI - Tay_1440p.rhw (190.7 KB)

Hello - I see that rhw file is causing Rhino some trouble - thanks.
@tay.othman - can you please post a screenshot of the correct result of restoring this rhw?

RH-77795 Rhw file removes UI


Thank you @pascal

Here is my rhw screenshot I tried to keep it as close as possible to the stock configuration

Update @pascal @JohnM
It seems the rhw failed because of a single toolbar named “Datasmith for Rhino” wasn’t found, enabling the plugin fixed the issue. so I hope there is a way to get a dialogbox confirming missing UI components like a specific toolbar or a panel and prompting the issue to ignore and continue.

Thanks for the update!


I was able to find and fix the problem today. The fix will be included in the build on Tuesday.

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Thank you John!