Rhino 7 wip start with default window size

When i open Rh7 wip and close it the size of window still default and no start maximize window.

Rhino 7 SR0 2018-8-20 (Rhino WIP, 7.0.18232.22055)

Same problem here on WIP 7.0.19176.14015, 25/06/2019

any help is appreciated

This was always the case since R4 as far as I can remember. McNeel doesn’t have a UI guy.

I do see this in the WIP here, but my V6 always starts maximized (if it was maximized when I last closed it). V5 also.

We’ve got this on our list for Rhino 7 - RH-48838



actually what you can do is open the folder where the alias for Rhino WIP is saved. Right click, settings and set run / AusfĂĽhren to maximized / Maximiert

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It also starts on the main monitor for me instead of secondary, where close it.

yes that’s annoying too

Brilliant! It really worked.
Thanks for the tip.

That’s working only if you start Rhino from shortcut on desktop, but if you Pin Rhino to Taskbar and start it,it’s not working.

It is working from a taskbar too. I don’t have any desktop shortcuts.

FWIW, RH-48838 was just resolved and you won’t have to deal with setting any longer…

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