Rhino 7 WIP Beta - Can not minimizing top toolbar since update

Hi, my Grasshopper of Rhino 7 WIP Beta version for Mac can not minimize the top toolbar. It is using half of my canvas for the toolbar and there is no drag option when hovering with the mouse over the edges of the bar. This problem occurs with the latest update for Rhino. I hope very much that someone can help quickly because it is almost impossible to work this way.

Is there any topic specified for rhino 7 wipe’s Beta related feedback?

I have the same issue. However try out unchecking and rechecking Component Tabs - it works on my machine.

And I have to add that the top toolbar in GH Mac takes up a lot of space in general - also the resizing are is way too large:

Hi, @rudolf.neumerkel, where can I find Component Tabs Settings?

It is at the menu bar when you are in grasshopper under View and then Component Tabs.

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Yes it worked. Thank you, but still strange behavior of the software. Best!

Yeah I agreee, some polishing is needed here…

Still asking myself if there is a feedback section for Rhino 7 WIP Beta @stevebaer

I’m having trouble repeating this. @curtisw can you try and see if this is happening on your Mac?

Hi guys, yes there seems to be a few issues here that we can fix up – thanks for reporting them!

I can reproduce some of these too. The tabs and toolbar don’t collapse when turning them off, and I can’t seem to resize the toolbar initially unless I toggle its visibility. It also appears that there is extra space with the resizing area and status bar compared with v6.

I’m not sure about why it started up with huge component tabs, but at least with the resizing issue fixed you should be able to change its size if that happens.

I’ve created RH-60850 to address these issues.

Would be so good to have a feedback section für Rhino 7 WIP Beta.


You can use the Serengeti category for anything regarding Rhino 7 WIP.

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Yes it is larger than in V6, but in my view in V6 it was too large as well - see the attached screenshot and the red marked areas. I think we could save some space there. Especially if you look at the canvas toolbar.

Also the bottom bar could be slimmed down to match the bottom bar in Rhino… Just thinking out loud, I am not a UI expert though…

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