Rhino 7 updated Feb 15

Hi - I just updated to the newest version of 7 and now my curves aren’t visible. I tried to increase the curve number in the display settings - I still haven’t been able to view the curves. It is there when selected I can see the outline but when deselected, can’t be seen. Is there something I should try?

I haven’t had that one, but I have seen the return of an old feature where the 4View command sometimes causes an instant crash (and does the same thing if you reopen the same model and try it again).

Also: if you press the Esc key while a text field in a sidebar panel has focus, it pops you out of full-screen mode, and has done for years. I wonder if some of these window-related bugs are specific to full-screen, and the testing regimen just isn’t detecting them?

PS I know I only come on the forum to complain about stuff but for the record, I love Rhino, the developers are doing a great job, please don’t sell yourselves to Autodesk etc.

I finally got the curves visible - I’m not sure what I did… but now the two finger zoom with option key not working :frowning: any tips?

Does anyone else also have the problem that undo goes back several commands?

(Running MacOS 11.6 on Intel Mac)