Rhino 7 trial with Rhino 6 trial license

So I downloaded Rhino 7 to try but it will not let me as I only have a trial license for Rhino 6 (The Rhino 7 WIP requires a Rhino 6 commercial/educational license key to try) If I buy a license for 6 will I then be able to upgrade to 7 when it is released? or will I have to purchase 7 as well??

The way Rhino typically works is you will have to purchase 7, but it will be discounted if you have a Rhino 6 license. It wouldn’t be a very good business model to give you a new release free from the previous release.

I can see that, But I am still trying the 6 trial license and I would like to try the 7 to see if it worth waiting for that rather than buy 6 and then buy 7 an few months later.

You will need a Rhino 6 license to try the Rhino 7 WIP.

I don’t work for McNeel so I can’t make any promises, but I’ve been using Rhino since Rhino 1. Based on past experience, the likelihood of Rhino 7 appearing in a few months is pretty slim. A few years seems optimistic to me.

I’d suggest you keep evaluating 6 until you are confident it will do something positive for you and then buy it. Then you can use 7 as they are developing it.

It’s not going to be out in a few months, and if it is the upgrade price is pretty trivial. Getting to use the WIPs and betas is a perk of being an owner.