Rhino 7 text issue in laptop

I have Rhino 7 installed on my desktop machine at work and all is well. I have it on a HP laptop at home with strange issue. When I type text it appears in the box, but when I hit “OK” to place it , it still has the word Rhino as thought I had not typed anything. The software shows no upgrade available and when I do the same job on Rhino 6 all works normally.

The laptop is a 2 year old HP Omen with a 1080ti graphics card and loaded otherwise.

As I do a lot of signs in my business, this is a disappointment to work around.

Thanks in advance, Phill

Hello - can you please run SystemInfo in Rhino on that laptop and copy/paste the results here?


Will do, tonight when I am back at the house.
Thanks Pascal.