Rhino 7 Subdivision Surface Project


i have not read the entire thread, so i hope i did not miss something basic on the topic of openSubdiv
i do a lot of concept modeling with subdivisions, which i later transfer to rhino and manually rebuild to smooth (lets say class a) nurbs.
i have been using 3dsmax for SDS and i am quite happy with it. the biggest drawback of max´s subDs (and generally 3dsmax) is, that the basic tools are expanded and developped by (bad) implementation of plugins. this way you often end up with a variety of different interfaces for a single task.

allthough autodesk seems to be very reluctant to integrating industry standards, they lately integrated openSubdiv into max, which i appreciate very much. i dont want to elaborate on the advantages of openSubdiv, i think others have done this before in this thread.

edge-creasing is still quite a hassle in max, as you do this by adding an additional “modifier” and cant be done on the “base level” of an SDS. so when i heard that rhino will get native subDs i felt very happy and hoped to get rid of max´s “editable poly” (which is SDS). at the same time i felt dissappointed, when i heard, that there will be no openSubdiv support for modeling (only in the exporter). i believe openSubdiv will establish as industry standard over the next few years it is the wrong way to exclude openSubdiv from the start when building a professional SDS module. i think a reliable and native SDS module (including openSubdiv) would be a big step forward in rhino development.


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Hi all,

I’m doing some conversion tests. Results are very fast and reliable. No wholes liek I used to see in prior builds. but I encountered a weird normal-flipping issues ( I use orange as my back face color)

before conversion:


Rhino file attached
Audi_A6_low-poly_gf_161213_V6.3dm (4.0 MB)


BTW, the car body layer had a mesh that was made out of 60 disjointed meshes. Even after split it using _SplitDisjointMesh it keeps doing the same. It looks like the SubD conversion does not pay attention at the existing normals? Also I cannot flip normals after conversion, the SubD object type is not recognized yet.


So what is the progress status on this project? I see that it has already been integrated at least partially into Rhino WIP, but there doesn’t seem to be any more functionality than the SubDFromMesh and the subsequent pulling of Lines and Faces.

Please don’t see this as a complaint in any way, I am very excited about this project and was wondering how far along it has come.

Nothing has been done since then. We are busy working on V6. Getting the new version finished and ready to ship is our top priority.

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OK, thank you.

With the T-Splines situation, I have wondered if McNeel could get extra programmers on-board … at least to develop the Sub-D component. That way, development could progress in parallel.

Sorry … this probably comes off as me telling you how to run things, which I’m trying hard not to do. It’s just that I am very selfish with my 3D needs!

Rhino changed my career. I want more.

/begging /rant

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If it was only that easy…


I was hoping to illustrate how little I knew about the development side of 3D software. It looks like I have succeeded.

Anyways, keep up the great work … and Happy New Year to my favorite company!

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Thanks so much for starting this, found out today. This will finally revolutionise how designers would design. Esp most people cant afford Alias Designer Bundle and Tsplines is discontinued. I’m getting back into Modo and I badly need this workflow since this is the future. Will def revolutionise also my personal design approach. Thanks so much!!! This really means all my uncertainty vanished with the twitter update of @gustojunk on SolidSmack after checking around on the Autodesk page whether why there are no new versions of Tsplines…

So good to have you here on this side! Long time… in the Modo forums :slight_smile:

this would revolutionise everything and make things intuitive - The concept (Tspline) workflow: http://www.autodesk.de/products/alias-products/features/all/gallery-view

Welcome to the dark side @hannesgrebin. Life is more fun here. Much work to be done ahead of us. it will be a fun decade ahead.

Is it soon finished, in a few months, or next year?

V6 will be released this year.
The Subdivision surface project will not be part of V6 but it will stay in the WIP as the development progresses.


I did a quick fun test with Blender + Rhino WIP for SubD surface generation.

Enjoy :slight_smile:



Great news, will be looking forward to this, thanks to the McNeel developing crew for including this in the post V6 launch priority list :slight_smile:

Not going to happen for V6, as mentioned two posts above and elsewhere in various threads… --Mitch

[quote=“daly2, post:161, topic:16562”]
post V6 launch priority list
[/quote] i constructed the phrase in an awkward way, apologies.

Cool Nathan!

By the way, what enables your Rhino to render real-time like that? A plugin?