Rhino 7 Subdivision Surface Project

Hi @piac @dalelear

I have not heard for quite some time about development in SubD.
I realise that it will not be included in R6 release but good to know that development will progress in WIP.
How difficult would be for you guys to add creased vertices option? This is equivalent to Giulio’s option 2 in WB but ideally, any vertex should become creased.


Hi @piac
Is it a big effort to add creased corners to SubD similar as per Option 2 in your WB?


I think this can be added. I will make an internal bug tracker item with this wish. RH-40392

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Great! Thanks, Giulio!

Hello @piac and @dalelear
I see that this wish has not been touched yet. I know you are extremely busy with other things but is it possible to know/predict when this can be available in WIP?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Hello bob Why don´t you guys simply bought t-splines and integrated like native option?

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The simple answer is that we don’t have that much money.

The rumor is that Autodesk and Solidworks were in a bidding war to purchase T-Splines. Autodesk won. You can only guess how much Autodesk paid for TSplnes, but clearly companies our size don’t get to play that game.


I see, I assume was a big amount and now autodesk have a useless software without rhino :sunglasses: but the sad part is they broke a nice workflow for many user. :disappointed_relieved:
Let me know another fact you are involved in dynamo? Or Autodesk as always just take the idea and paid a lot of momey for developet it.

No. Dynamo came after Grasshopper. I don’t know if Autodesk purchased it, but it was kind of an open source project for a awhile. I’m not sure of the current Dynamo status. We don’t hear much about it these days. The project manager (one of the original Dynamo authors) has left Autodesk recently.


Well, long live to grasshopper for Rhino please consider make rhino a full parametric software adding relations and history menu to edit that eventually will add more and more users to the community.

I was user of solidworks grasshopper makes interest me in Rhino I’m in love whit it but for another kind of designs and another process of manufacturing works whit rhino could take a lot more time especially when the client at last time make changes becouse you have to edit or in other cases redraw everything.

bests wishes Bob.

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I think we will focus our limited development resources on Sub-D first.

BTW, you realize that products that have those parametric features are licensing 3rd-party libraries. Those licenses and related integration costs would increase the price of Rhino to something nearer to the price of SW, etc.


Sub-D totally necessary focus on it
Just consider make a full parametric Rhino version You could offer lite and Pro (full parametric) versions we decide which one is the better for our necessities as I wrote with that version will be more users interested in the product definitely. :money_mouth_face:

Both cost us the same to develop and sell. We would need to charge more because of the costs of developing and testing two different configurations.

Thank you bob I hope soon see Sub-D operating correctly :v:

i am wondering, because basically or probably more than that these parametric features would already be implemented in grasshopper.

i had a discussion with @DavidRutten about the confusing complex file formats of grasshopper not too long from now and there i also tried to point out if implementing grasshopper tighter directly into the interface of rhino itself to make a parametric environment would make sense. is that not something which might be worth thinking about?

Check out the GH Styles in VisualARQ 2.

Darn time travlers… that explains why David was ahead of his time with Grasshopper! :smile:


just that time roles on, and what was tomorrow will be yesterday.

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