Rhino 7 Subdivision Surface Project

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We still have no proper toolbars for the old mesh tools. Some have all the same, the exact same! toolbar.

Gewoon doen!

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Absolutely! Great observation. It’s not particularly obvious that anyone at McNeel has ever considered this.


What I would really care about is:

extrude mesh faces, mesh edges, bridge mesh objects, smooth I smooth preview.

Mesh/subD tools need to be super powerful and easy to learn.

Yes. A big +1 to Willems and Gustos comments from me.
To say that the new command names for the Mesh Utils are not discoverable is putting it politely. I’ve actually had to print them out and stick the list up next to my monitor.

Your existing toolbar is just fine Nathan “coder art” icons and all.


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RH-31322 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

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Im talking about this market share:

More and more little tooling shops/machine shops, model makers, semi professionals use Fusion 360. But maybe those numbers are wrong. If Fusion 360 has “demonstrably” no market share as you say, then please share your insight! Can you present any numbers to back that up?

Thanks for the reply!

Will Rhino SubDs support creases?

You are right, CNC and hobbyists are two very different markets that happen to align together in finding Fusion useful. I was thinking only in term of industries that need complex modeling: product design, footwear, automotive, architecture and engineering. Those are the markets I see and where Fusion pretty much is non-existent.

I think they could make a lot of gains in these other markets too but only if their modeling tools and handling of large files massively improves. I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Probably they see faster/easier growth by continuing focusing on the two verticals they do today.

have a high degree of expectation for Sub-D.

Yes, Rhino SubD supports creases.
The model is a Rhino SubD Lotus Europa from a skilled SubD user testing Rhino 7 and demonstrates a nice use of creases.

The images below are screen captures from Shaded, Zebra, and ShowEdges views. The magenta edges in the ShowEdges view are creases. All other areas are smooth.


Wow, now that seems to be getting somewhere, I need to download WIP 7 and have a look.

There are some known bugs with display and ToNURBS when creases and darts a present. I’m working on those now and hope to deliver them in this coming Tuesday’s Rhino WIP release.


Will there be surface Pinching issues on the intersections points of unwelded edges as does in tsplines?

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Rhino SubD is a Catmull-Clark SubD and does not have T-joints. If you see aesthetic flaws in Rhino SubD surfaces, please post a sample .3dm file, an image showing what region is not acceptable, and a description of what you want to see in that region. We will add your case to our bug tracking system and study it.

Again, the current build is an early work in progress and has bugs. We are fixing them as quickly as we can.

Thank you for helping us.

Thanks for the update Brian.

I’m personally hoping Sub-D will be able to replace T-splines for me in the future and symmetry planes in T-splines are one of my MUST HAVE tools. My day to day work involves creation of 4 quadrant objects and Tsplines ability to produce smooth transitions across symmetry planes changed the game for me from the start.




Can anyone point me to some sources on the mathematics behind “evaluating the limit surface” ? I mean is there a way to directly compute the limit NURBS surface without doing the sub-d step by step ?

For starters, read the Exact evaluation section of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catmull–Clark_subdivision_surface and then read Jos Stam’s paper https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dgp.toronto.edu%2Fpeople%2Fstam%2Freality%2FResearch%2Fpdf%2Fsig98.pdf

Thanks !