Rhino 7 SubD hotkey like a T-Spline hotkey

Hello everyone !
Can you tell me how to set up hotkeys for SubD like in T-Spline?
In the Rhino settings, you can configure hotkeys only in combination with CTRL or ALT, and this is very unusual and inconvenient, since you have to use an extra finger.
I’d like to set it up as in T-Spline

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Hello - no, this is not possible currently.


I believe that the developers should correct this defect. Because this is an extremely inconvenient combination of hot keys at the moment.
At the moment it is faster and much more convenient to use T-Splines. If the developers do not fix this situation, then I think many Rhino users will still use Rhino-5.

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Maybe you can create some kind of additional module like in T-Splines to replace the original keyboard shortcut layout? If anyone understands this, please respond!

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Hello everyone !
I’ll raise the topic and add a question.

Maybe you can make some kind of plugin that could replace key combinations with one click. It’s just that in TSplines it is somehow realized. And this is much more convenient than pressing keyboard shortcuts.
If anyone has experience in creating such plugins, can someone help or suggest something!
Thanks in advance to all members of the forum!