Rhino 7 Service Release Available

Rhino 7 Service Release 19 for Windows and Mac (7.19.22165) is now available
Rhino will automatically update, unless updates are disabled.
Download the latest service release now…

Bugs Fixed:

  • BlendSrf: Problem about interior shapes (RH-68315)
  • FilletEdge: Preview display performance dropped significantly (RH-68394)
  • Isolate: Opened the selection filter (RH-68303)
  • Join: RhinoJoinBreps produced an odd result (RH-68363)
  • PackageManager: Older public GH2 version installed over newer private GH2 version (RH-68355)
  • Panels: Divider panel style did not allow overriding (RH-68508)
  • RDK: Wireframe post effects did not work with RenderWindow and RenderInWindow (RH-67382)
  • Rendering: Cycles:
    • Skylighting/reflection did not work correctly when HDRs had intensity multiplied (RH-68579)
    • Flipped wallpaper upside down (RH-67327)
  • Rendering: Materials: Replacing a PBR material of a layer with another PBR material failed (RH-68543)
  • SDK: Divider did not work in vertical orientation (RH-68546)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon: Intersection.CurveLine returned all wrong ParameterB values (RH-68486)
  • Sweep2: Regression between 7.13 and 7.14 (RH-68379)
  • Trim: Non-trimmable lines selected by SelBrush or SelFence causing infinite loop (RH-68721)

Crashes Fixed:

  • Rendering: Materials: rdk!CRhRdkMaterial::UpdateDocumentTables – Access Denied (RH-68577)
  • What: File with invalid polyline curve crashed Rhino (RH-68544)


  • ExtrudeSubD: Made settings sticky between sessions (also in ExtrudeMesh) (RH-66247)

Features Added:

  • Eto: GridView/TreeGridView could not get or specify order of columns (RH-58995)

SDK Enhancement:

  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • Exposed additional Brep.MergeCoplanarFaces overrides (RH-68618)
    • Exposed ProxyBrepSubD information (RH-68365)

Mac-Only Changes

Bugs Fixed:

  • BlendSrf: Sliders lost control on the surface (RH-68426)
  • Rendering: Materials: Thumbnails did not appear on Mac (RH-68679)
  • TextObject: Fonts did not appear properly on Mac (RH-68539)

Windows-Only Changes

Bugs Fixed:

  • 4View: Did not redraw viewports until view manipulation (RH-67440)
  • Annotation: Properties panel slowed down selecting annotation text (RH-68432)
  • Annotation: Text: Dialog extended to full screen width (RH-68004)
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