Rhino 7 released?

The link on the Download page is working fine. I just tested it.

If it’s not working for you, please post a screenshot of the error.


This link works completely fine.


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It still doesn t work and it s the link that comes with my key number , basically the receipt

thank you very much, your link seems to work



Is this a link problem in the message link or maybe a local browser cache problem?

will the link provide you with anything newer than the latest beta?

sorry, found the answer to my question here.

Sorry, that was a bug in our receipt - it’s fixed now (but we can’t fix the email you already received).


Thanks and no worries i have my license

time to have fun

_Timemachine delayed until Rhino 8?


Already supported in Rhino for Mac.


Very cool, I’m so happy with the beta. It’s freaking beautiful.


congratulations to the macneel team. looking forward to using it as main tool.
rhino7 seems more satisfied than ever compared to other previous version the distance traveled between v6 and 7 seems 10 times more than between version 5 and 6


A lot of the V6 updates were behind the scenes including:

  • Supporting more powerful display adapters
  • Catching up Mac Rhino to Windows Rhino
  • Developing the tools to maximize the code sharing between Mac and Windows
  • Rewriting several commands like Make2D to use multiple cores when possible.

Much of the V6 work made the more visible new tools in V7 possible.


Is there any noticeable difference for me as a customer between ordering the RH7 update through here online or through a local reseller?

Simply stated the only difference is price.

Resellers are allowed to set their own pricing, whereas we never sell for less than full retail.

I don’t see german taxes included in the McNeel Europe Online Store, will they be applied at checkout?

sales-eu@mcneel.com or Phone: +34 933 199 002 will get you all the answers you need about your local sales details.

@hitenter, yes, in the checkout form you enter the country and the shop can calculate VAT.

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I decided to support the local CAD software dealer :slight_smile:


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