Rhino 7 Raytraced only works in Perspective

I’m trying to raytrace in the Top viewport and am getting strange results, the same happens in all views except Perspective.
Here’s a brep sphere and a SubD in the Top view, Shaded.

Then the same in Raytraced:

Then Raytraced in Perspective:

And here’s my System Info:
system info.txt (2.3 KB)

Hi @akilli
Your GPU is quite old (over 10 years!) and doesn’t meet the requirements for Rhino 7, but you might have better luck with an updated driver - I think this is latest one. It’s from 2018, so I would say it’s time for an update.
HTH, Jakob

Thanks Jakob. Looks like it’s time for a GoFundMe page.

If you go to Advanced Driver Search | NVIDIA
and select Nvidia RTX/Quadro, Quadro Series, K600, Win 10 64bit, Standard, English (or your preference) and All you will discover that the K600 uses the same driver as all the recent Quadros and there are versions for you to download from Jan, Feb, and Mar of 2021.

I’d be very surprised if the latest driver doesn’t help you. On the other hand the K600 has nowhere near the performance of today’s cards.

Thanks @ALW but I tried downloading both the 12/20 and 3/21 Nvidia versions and received the following message when trying to install:


Do you have any idea what the incompatibility might be?

Guess I’m a dinosaur.

Are you running 32 bit Windows 10? The latest version for that is Feb.2019 as Jakob mentioned. Perhaps an option to consider is updating to 64 bit Win 10 if your CPU will support it. That would let you install the newer drivers. I know from experience that the K600 works with 64 bit Windows 7. I have a newer card that I use with Win 10.

It looks like I’m using Windows 10 64 bit…
I had been using Windows 7 until recently, but Rhino 7 does not support it.

Hmmm. Makes no sense unless there is something wrong with Nvidia’s Driver search and the latest versions of their driver don’t really support K600. I guess you’ll need to take the installer issue up with Nvidia.
What is sure, as you probably know, is that Rhino 7 needs Windows 10 and it needs a 64 bit CPU and OS. It also needs Nvidia drivers from around the first of this year.

@nathanletwory Is the raytraced mode working for parallel cameras? I know some GPU render engines have problems to render with an infinite camera.

@akilli Is it working in CPU mode?

I am in CPU, my card in Rhino 7 does not allow for anything else.

Parallel views should work just fine.

Parallel views and perspective:

Same here, on both GPU and CPU.



(But (OT, I know) trying Optix thew a server busy error:)

OptiX works fine here:

With a new version of Rhino or a new version of GPU driver it can happen that the driver wants to recompile the OptiX kernel. Maybe that is what is happening?

I don’t know, it surely froze Rhino for a very long time without letting me know what went on.
After a restart it worked OK with Optix too, except for a ground plane star bug. Just so you know.


The star bug I know about, and most likely will be fixed when we upgrade to latest Cycles sometime spring/summer.

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