Rhino 7 option bug - unwanted creating of meshes


if I go to the Rhino options to check that all is like needed, adjust a non mesh option and close the option UI per OK, than the meshes of whole scene are new created. My current scene is quite complex and I need to wait more than 2 min. OK, I can use the time to write bug reports but I would like to avoid it. :wink:


I reported something similar to this a few weeks ago - it only happens with certain files IIRC, they weren’t able to reproduce it at the time.

Would it help to send the file to McNeel?

I hope so…

Who should get it for working on a fix? @pascal Do you know?

Hi Micha -
You can send it to tech@mcneel.com with a link to this topic.

This is still happening here in the latest V7.7 SRC installed 5 minutes ago…