Rhino 7 opening very slowly in windows 11

I’ve downloaded the beta of windows 11 assuming that it would be ok because its officially being released next month, however rhino really doesn’t like it. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue because its the only thing that I’ve noticed is a little broken. I measured 3mins 15secs for the loading window to pop up on the screen.

Maybe post the results of the Rhino command _SystemInfo. That may help determine where the problem could be.

Nothing stands out here, but have you tried with ElefrontProperties plug-in disabled? Load-protected it through Tools > Plug-ins, right-click plug-in and select load protect. Then restart Rhino.

Any improvement with that done?

No but its probably just a windows 11 thing that will be fixed when they release it fully.

Alright, there has been some testing done by @dale , and as far as I know no major issues were found.

I’m sorry for the revive but any updates on this? I’d like to update to W11 if possible.

Why are you so eager to update?

They did some testing, didn’t really find anything, and it’s hard to say the issue even had anything to do with Win11…what more would you expect to come of this thread?

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It all should Just Work.

Indeed there are not that many data points yet. I don’t know exactly how many of us devs have upgraded to Windows 11. I would imagine only a few. At least I myself am still on Windows 10.

But issues that arise and that our mistakes we’ll naturally address.

It was just me being an idiot and having an old build of windows 11 that was buggy as hell but it’s all fine now. God knows what was causing that issue I was having and why it only affected rhino.

Also I wouldn’t recommend windows 11. I haven’t encountered any bugs since rhino not working but its just a slightly more ugly windows 10 (that’s just my preference though), with less options and they moved task manager. Its not bad its just ever so slightly worst not that its going to get any better.

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@nathanletwory @joshward2410 Noted. Thanks for the info. As far as Windows goes, I know it can only go downhill haha. I use linux as my daily driver so all good.

@JimCarruthers It’s nice to stay up-to-date, especially when it’s “free” (depends on how you look at it). Also, I just bought a new work laptop (luckily it has W10) but I came across many that have W11 preinstalled.

Thanks ! Useful to know

Hi, I have had the same problem I found that you need to update your Graphic card. Its seems to have solved the issue.