Rhino 7 - Open Grasshopper file and it crashed

Hi, I just downloaded Rhino 7 Evaluation today and it seems not to work with my grasshopper file from Rhino 6. The grasshopper screen turn red and I don’t know what to do.

Hi - I’ve put this one in the Wallacei category for the time being as that is being referenced in the error messages.

Is this happening with this one Grasshopper file only or can you reproduce the issue with a new file in Grasshopper on Rhino 6 and only using a few components?
Can you post a file that causes this behavior?

Also, if you are using rhino 7, make sure you have Wallacei for Rhino 7 installed on your machine… you can download the rhino 7 version here: https://www.food4rhino.com/app/wallacei-0


Trying to load an older file to the latest rhino 7 release, not WIP
I installed wallcei for rhino 7 WIP from food4rhino. When running gh in r7, getting this message - i did replace all

on opening a file created in r6 as well as on bringing a new wallacei component, getting this -

and when i do skip all instead of replace all, then the wallacie component appears, but double clicking on it does not bring up the wallacei ui

Very interested if there is a solution for this?
Thank you!

Make sure when you install Wallacei for R7, not to have Wallacei for R6 installed. You need to have one of them installed at the moment. Not having UI opened is because something still is locked in the installation folder. My suggestion:
remove all wallacei from both R6 and R7 -> download Wallacei R7 -> unblock the zip folder first then unzip the folder -> copy things where they need to be copied. it should work, if not let me know

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Yes, that worked, thank you!

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