Rhino 7 mesh export to .gdf


I am just starting to find my way around Rhino. I have generated a mesh:

Valid mesh.
Open double precision polygon mesh: 2573 vertices, 2449 faces with normals
Bounding box: (-3.63586,-8109.49,9.69841) to (70618.8,8009.56,7012.37)

I am trying to export this file to .gdf format (File->Export Selected and save as .gdf). The resulting file however remains empty (at 0kb).

The WAMIT GDF export plugin is enabled. Is there anything obvious I am missing here?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Diego -

Have you tried exporting a simple (mesh) box to GDF? If that works, we’d need the Rhino 3dm file to be able to check what goes wrong.

Hi Wim,

Thanks for the quick reply!

I’ve created a simple box, meshed it and attempted the same export method, but still only an empty .gdf file is the result…