Rhino 7 Licensing Problem

Hi there
Since a week, while start up Rhino 7 there is a pop up message that says:
“This application is due to expire within the next 21 days. (days are counting)
If you do not get your software supplier to extend the expiry date, the application will stop running”

As soon Rhino is running, i can check that i have a valid license from Cloud Zoo. In Cloud Zoo Account, i can also see that my user is fetching a license. Same when i start up Rhino on my Laptop. The same when i login with another user from our company???

But with a different windows user, with my own Rhino account, no pop up…crazy.
Any ideas whats gonig on here? Thanks for any tipps!
Best regards

I have never seen this message. Are you sure that this message is actually from Rhino and that you haven’t caught a virus somewhere?

Usually messages from McNeel are more Rhino-specific. To have it mention “application” and “software supplier” seems somewhat suspicious to me.

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Hi and thanks for your hint!!
As soon i deactivate the Veesus “Point Clouds for Rhino” Plugin, the message disapears. So as you mentioned correctly, this is no Rhino Warning.