Rhino 7 Legacy key for old laptop


Does anyone know if I will be able to get a rhino 7 legacy key if I buy V8?

I am studying so able to buy a student price version of the software. I currently use v7 through a univesity license. I have an M1 imac desktop which was unable to run v7 so reverted to using my 10 year-old macbook pro for rhino projects. Now I am thinking of getting v8 for my desktop, but that wont run on my laptop… when I graduate this year I would like to be able to keep running v7 on the laptop until it gives up.

My reason for purchasing now is partly the price I can get, but mainly because my Grasshopper modeling has got to the point where the laptop struggles to process complex models quickly. As there is now a version of rhino compatible with the m1 chip it seems like a good time to buy. However I would want to carry on using v7 for simple rhino projects on my laptop after I graduate if possible.

Maybe I need to buy v7 plus an upgrade?

Any help appreciated…

If you buy a full educational license of V8, you can get a legacy license of V7. If you put both in a Cloud Zoo account, you will be able to run either V7 or V8 on one machine at a time.

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Thank you! and is this the case even if I have not owned a v7 license? I have only used the license through my university.


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