Rhino 7 Grasshopper Bug - Parallel Processing

I’m having a general problem with parallel processing on a few components in Rh7/Gh. This is one example, using the Brep Plane Intersection component, but I’ve seen the same issue on Project to Brep (and maybe a couple others?) as well. It’s not a consistent effect (which kind of makes it worse), so if the following definition doesn’t bug at first, try flipping the toggle a couple times.

Don’t know if this is peculiar to the geometry I’m using or the operations on it, but it’s been a challenge for transitioning this project from Rhino 6 to Rhino 7.

RH7-ParallelProcessingBug.gh (26.0 KB)

I got your very same bug within the first 15 clicks

weird :slight_smile:

then I did copy the bugged part (with parallel processing active) 3 more times, and the bug was happening randomly, but always and only on the very first, never in the copied ones (maybe it’s a stupid observation…)

finally I have disabled your first original parallel processing, and now I’m not able to get the bug coming out again in the other three (tried 200+ clicks…)

I’m on 7.6.21110.13001, 2021-04-20