Rhino 7 for Mac UI locks when opening Rhino 6 file

If you run into this issue, your system may be hanging on the AutoSave disabled warning dialog.
This issue also does not happen on all Mac computers.
When you save the file as Rhino 7, this Autosave warming is disabled.

But how can you save it as Rhino 7, when you can’t even open it? Importing the file into a new Rhino 7 file can be be time consuming and hard to rebuild a file with layouts.

If you are experiencing this issue, here is something to try.
There is a new Advanced setting Advance.MacDisplayOldVersionAutosaveWarning that will disable the Autosave warning dialog that causes freezing issues on some system.

  1. Make sure you are running Mac Rhino 7 sr4 or later.

  2. Open Rhino for Mac and go to PreferencesAdvanced.

  3. Search on AutoSave. And set this Rhino.Options>Advance.MacDisplayOldVersionAutosaveWarning setting to False.

  4. Close Preferences.

  5. Now open your Rhino 6 file and see if you are successful.

We hope you are. Let us know if you continue to experience issues.
We will need the 3DM file and your SystemInfo email to tech@mcneel.com so we will trouble shoot further.

Hope this helps.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA

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