Rhino 7 for Mac (7.7.21160.05002, 2021-06-09) disappearing text and hatches

Hi, here are two screenshots of the same design opened in Rhino 7 and Rhino 5. The original file was created in Rhino 7. On re-opening the model, which was created in April 2021, all of the dimension text entries and hatches used to fill exploded arrowheads are invisible (1st screenshot). After exporting the model to Rhino 5, they re-appear (2nd screenshot). Can anybody tell me what is going on? This is not the only thing that shows crazy behaviour in Rhino 7 mac - I’m regretting that I decided to upgrade
Screenshot 1


Hi @JC1,

Can you provide the 3dm file that shows this please and also the result of the SystemInfo command run in Rhino 7? You can email tech@mcneel.com if you don’t want to post these here. My guess is that a macOS update may help. This will update the graphics driver Rhino 7 can use and hopefully it would work better. It would also be good to know if this is reproducible with a new file or if it is specific to one file in particular.