Rhino 7 Feature: Gradient Hatch

Hi @stevebaer,

Blend modes are something that I heavily rely on when I fine-tune my drawings in Illustrator. I’ve attached a simple example, that illustrates the difference between normal transparency and multiply in order to get a “realistic” cast shadow effect.

I know this example is a very basic one but it’ll open a complete new world of possibilities. If you are willing to implement this feature and if you need more examples just let me know and I will
prepare a more in depth explanation .



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I did some research and prototyping on this topic over the weekend and it looks like we may be able to do this (no promises).


Thanks for trying!

Another idea


Cool! But what about Hatch join ,union, subtract and trim? Are they already there?Cuz this is the feature requested like since 2010!

It seems like we have all of the capabilities covered in that video unless I’m missing something.

That is a different topic and is currently being tracked at https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-48707

Not sure if I have the settings incorrect as when I go to print a pdf, the transparency is not converted to the pdf file. Rhino PDF will lose all gradient and transparency information and other PDF export options will maintain the gradient yet will convert to a bitmap image (under vector linework) that has lost the transparency.

We are working on properly supporting transparencies in vector output for hatches. This is on my list of bugs to tackle for V7 at