Rhino 7 Feature: Display Performance

Some models will display significantly faster in Rhino 7 WIP on both Windows and Mac:

  • Files with nested blocks (often from SolidWorks, STEP, and SketchUP import)
  • Layouts with many detail views
  • Files with lots of text objects


  • Download Rhino 7 WIP for windows8logo Windows or finderLogo Mac
  • Test your slowest models on both Rhino WIP and earlier Rhino.
  • Let us know how they compare.
  • Ask questions and give feedback by replying to this post.

This is work in progress. We need your feedback.


Blocks: Polysurface, mesh, and extrusion objects inside nested blocks are cached for rapid display. Nested blocks often come from STEP, SolidWorks, and SketchUP files. Our test models have shown up to 10x performance improvement in wireframe and shaded modes.

Layouts: Details in layout views are cached as OpenGL textures. These textures are reused when panning layouts and modeling in the layout view.

Text: Text displays faster while it is being edited.