Rhino 7 export as IGES issue

When exporting 3dm as IGES in rhino7 (to tube laser cutting vendor) my vendor reports when he tries to open (in solidworks) the file is empty, no geometry at all. I have tried multiple options from the drop down menu in export.

I have sent many jobs to same vendor in the past RH5 and RH6 with no issues, less than a year ago.

Any insight appreciated
Godfrey_HSS_test.3dm (21.9 KB)

Godfrey_HSS_test.igs (59.1 KB)

Hello- the iges file is clearly not empty - it opens in Rhino with the expected surfaces. I do not have SW here to test with but you might try exporting to SolidWorks Surfaces export flavor, if that is not what you are using.

TestToSW.iges (25.3 KB)