Rhino 7 evaluation disappeared

I downloaded Rhino 7 on my laptop 2 days ago and now can’t find the app anywhere - when I tried to install again it says it is already there (but where?)
I tried the repair option but it told me the directory access was denied.
I do have the full version of Rhino 5 installed
Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am testing it out for my students to see any possible issues they may have with specs slightly less than those recommended (mainly the graphics card ) could this have anything to do with this problem.

It should be located in C:\Program Files\Rhino 7, the .exe is in the System folder.

I might try completely uninstalling via the Windows control panel and then re-installing.

Thanks for your response - I went to the program files as suggested and there is only a configuration option with the .exe extension in the System folder - will try the uninstall option