Rhino 7_Document Properties Frozen

In the process of editing annotation styles under the document properties window, I tried to delete a selected style. As Rhino processed this, the individual style editing window disappeared and now I cannot proceed. If I click anywhere, my computer dings at me as if I need to select a prompt from another window - which does not show up anywhere in my list of task windows on my PC.

I feel as the only way to proceed would be to force quit the program.
As the file has not auto-saved for about 3hrs, I am desperately trying to avoid loosing valuable time & work.

Is anyone familiar with this / PLEASE HELP.


Hi Emily -
I suppose you have moved on by now…
There are no clear steps for me to try and reproduce what was going on on your system, but, yes, it sounds like a dialog box got hidden behind something else. Are you working on two monitors? Did you try switching to a different application and back to Rhino?

Hey Wim -
Yes unfortunately, the only way I could proceed was to end the program through my task manager.
In terms of monitors, I am using a laptop hooked up to a monitor for dual screens - I did first try to disconnect the screen to force the application to move to the laptop screen & still could not see the dialog box. So I then changed the connected monitor to be the only source of display to move everything back to the monitor & still no progress.
It seems as though the dialog box may have been behind the rhino model window? (which was locked)

My only savior was a tip on stored backup files -
Apparently when working from a shared box folder, the autosave files get saved into the recycling bin for some reason. So as I thought I had no autosave files, but I did in fact have them but just needed to dig them out of the trash.

Not sure if the autosave issue is a compatibility issue with box? Have you heard anything similar regarding this?

Thanks - Emily

Hi Emily -

I’m not sure what you mean by box, but the default behavior is that the latest autosave file pushes the previous version to the recycling bin, yes.