Rhino 7 dark theme

Hello! Cosmetics:
Would it be possible to expose the VA panels background color to the ‘colorscheme’ plugin that can be installed via R7 packagemanager?



Thank you!

Cant you just adjust the colors yourself under the appearance tab or are you asking something more specific? Forgive me if I’m not seeing something.

There are 2 locations in the Rhino Options to change UI colors:

Appearance > Colors
Advanced > (everything that starts with Rhino.Options.UiPaintColors.)

I can’t find the setting for the VisualArq panels there. Do they exist?
The point is: the user shouldn’t need to fiddle in there. Best way to adjust the UI ‘theme’ will be through the coloscheme plugin.
Some colors of the main UI are also still missing (box edit scroll bars, main title, some buttons, help…).
It’s an ongoing process, as the devs said, which I welcome.

@Eugen It is not possible now to change the UI colors of VisualARQ. We should make them follow the Rhino scheme colors if you change them.

If you find the time, please do! Less eye-strain…
Thank you!

This is a cosmetical issue, but nonetheless, maybe you can make this happen?
There are little to no guidelines in Rhino regarding UI graphics/look. There’s the standard UI, then Grasshopper, then plugins like HumanUI, Tabl… quite inconsistent. VisualArq is on the ‘clean’ side already, but making it follow the color scheme is missing.

Hi @Eugen

Yes, we’re aware that VisualARQ is not following the Rhino colors scheme. This is on our wish list. We’ll try to implement this for VisualARQ 3.



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Thank you, Enric!
Same goes for Lands, btw. In case you sit next to your colleagues… ;}

Another example for a plugin with a completely foreign UI design is Enscape. It can happen that you have to work with 5 or 6 different UI look&feels in Rhino.
I’m aware that many users don’t care much about this. I do, and I frown upon people not caring. It ‘hurts the eye’, and is less intuitive.

We have always tried to make our UI as Rhino-like as possible. We’re only using native Windows controls, and we made our properties control (the one on the properties panel for our objects) as similar as possible to the Rhino properties control.

We just need to update our UI to the small changes that McNeel did in Rhino 7 and also follow the Rhino scheme. I’ll check if this is possible for VisualARQ 2.12, because VisualARQ 3 still is far for being released.



I know. You are one of the few plugin developers who tries to stick to the ‘default look&feel’ Kisses for that! ; }
My statement was meant primarily for those who don’t care.