Rhino 7 Cycles Rendering scale bug

Just started trying out WIP (7.0.19204.8205) today, mostly on the rendering part. Great to see cycles implanted as an actual renderer than just viewport render.

However just found something, not sure if anyone mentioned before.
The rendering was set to 800x600, however it seems like it is trying to render a picture based on my viewport ratio and output that to 800x600.

(Later change the output to 800x451 for comparison)

Also, its great to see how the cycles rendering getting better.

Rhino 6 captured cycles viewport

Rhino 7 captured cycles viewport
Both at 1000 pass, rhino 7 definitely has way less white dots left.

Rhino 7 render with cycles render, with gamma and white balance twisted, image way more clear than viewCapture, render time 2m:6s

Rhino 7 render with legacy renderer for comparison, with gamma and white balance twisted, render time about 1hr

However I do find the legacy renderer works way better on bump maps, while I do find the solution for it:
Bump maps not rendering in raytraced mode. Would be great if there’s a way to change the strength in someway.

Also just wondering how is this going:

also was there a way to set dof, or was that also a part you were testing?

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DoF you set in the Focal Blur panel