Rhino 7 crashing

I have even tried reinstalling it. I have no idea what the issue might be. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have an evaluation license.

Hi -
Can you explain in more detail what actually happens? Do you just launch Rhino from the desktop icon or do you open a specific file? Do you get a crash reporter dialog after the crash - and, if so, are you sending that in? Does Rhino start in Safe Mode?

Hi Wim,

Thank you for your response. I was actually able to fix the issue.

I had extensions for sofistik installed for two versions (2018 and 2020) which caused issue launching the rhino app. I uninstalled the 2018 add-ins and that solved the issue.

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Just to answer your questions, the Rhino app tried to load some plug-ins from Sofistik and then the rhino app just crashed.

I was launching the app from a desktop icon and got a crash reporter dialog but it didn’t say a probable cause for crashing.

Before fixing the app, rhino opened normally in Safe Mode however when trying to open grasshopper, the app crashed again.