Rhino 7 crashing when adding bongo view constraints

I’m just wondering if someone else encountered this issue as well;

If I set up a view constraint, ‘camera to path’ in this case, 9/10 times rhino 7 will crash.

The model is somewhat large, sliding back and forth with the timeline is maxing out my memory (16 gb), but that’s probably not the cause, is it?

any insights on this matter?

Which version of Bongo are you using, 2.0 or 3 WIP?

It’s the 2.0

I can confirm this.
It’s not 9/10 for me, but still, it’s like 5/10.

Started with WIP3 - No crashes.

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thanks for your reply

I might also go for the wip version then

this topic can be closed

I’ll note that we make very little use of Bongo and use it somewhat on a monthly bases for basic diagrams, so I don’t actually know how stable it is.

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I’m not able to reproduce this, tried on several different models. Is it model specific or does it happen on any model?