Rhino 7 crashing out while loading in Windows 11

I have just installed Rhino 7 on my newly purchased laptop which is running windows 11.
It was running fine on my old laptop (Windows 10), however:
As soon as I double click on the exe file, the usual starting window with the options to choose which kind of template i.e large objects - centemetres etc. loads up but just a few seconds later as I can see the loading bar the bottom indicating that the plugins are being loaded, the whole window dissapears/crashes out.
It seems to crash out while loading the plugin “Rhinocycles” but sometimes it gets as far as trying to load the plugin “Displacement” before it crashes.
If I try to get into Rhino by double clicking on one of my Rhino 3dm files, nothing happens at all.

Hi Andrew -

The most likely culprit here are the display drivers for the GPUs in your system.
Can you start Rhino in safe mode?

Hi Wim, thanks for the fast reply. I’ll try that and report back.

I can now verify that it does not work in Safe Mode either. It seems to crash even quicker (starting window only opens for a split second before crashing out).

Ok, so after some investigation, it seems as though the drivers for the nvidia card included in my laptop were not propely installed right out of the box. I reinstalled these, then set the nvidia card as the default gaphics card, and now Rhino loads up fine now. It seems Rhino does not like the integrated Intel Gaphics card. Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction!