Rhino 7 Crash, with No Crash report?


I just had a system crash, and upon loading rhino back up was faced with all the default toolbars etc, display modes, aliases, recent files, you name it. But no crash report or anything.

Weirdly, my autosave file for v7 was here in:

By this do you mean your machine, Windows, crashed or Rhino? If the fomer, then there would be no expectation of a report from Rhino.


It was Windows yeah.

My concern was more at the seeming ‘wipe’ of rhino settings. Why would my toolbars, display modes aliases and recent files reset?

Hi Jonathan -

That would happen if the 7.0 folder (or its settings sub-folder) in the following path were somehow damaged or deleted in the process.


As for the autosafe file:

… that resides in a different folder.

Reliability monitor on Windows says there was improper shutdown. So that must have caused something to be damaged or deleted then.

I’ll just have to keep an eyes out for it again. An unusual first.