Rhino 7 - Constant wheel of death and has trouble printing

Hi there Rhino Support humans,

I’m working on a rather small project (or so I think) a truck bed… and it keeps crashing. More then a lot of larger projects I’ve done. I’m curious if its the two third party assets I brought it, but still… does anything seem suspicious in this SystemInfo? Thanks in advance… this is brutal with a dealline. Perhaps I will also back to Rhino 6.

210812_RhinoKeepsCrashing.txt (2.8 KB)

Disable TwinMotion and restart Rhino. This plugin has some issues with slowing down Rhino and is in the process of being replaced or updated.

Ok thank you - I will give that a try!

I have this weird situation where I can “print” a PNG just fine. But for some reason, a PDF overloads my computer/goes straight to the wheel of death. Which is really odd…

Hi Bryan -

From your first post, this issue sounds to be file-specific. Could you post the file or upload to tech (Rhino - Upload to Support - make sure to mention this thread in the comments field). Also, are you printing to PDF with the Rhino PDF printer or some other PDF printer?

Thank you Wim. I just sent it in :slight_smile: I’ve never had this in 3 years.