Rhino 7 bug: Can't project a curve on a SubD model in Ghosted display mode

I just figured out that there is one bug in Rhino 7. When I work in Shaded, Wireframe or any custom display mode, I can project curves on SubD objects, exactly like it does with NURBS objects. However, after switching to Ghosted mode Rhino 7 will no longer allow me to project curves on SubD objects. Instead, clicking on the SubD model results into selecting its wireframe edges.



I’m seeing this fixed in my later non public service release. A fix is coming soon!

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This is cool. Can’t wait to test it, because I regularly use the Ghosted mode for modeling around assemblies. :slight_smile:
Do you mean this fix from 10 hours ago?

give it a go, mine is one rev later but it may be in that release as well. If not, the next rev will have it.

Looks like it’s in the next one. :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know in advance!

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