Rhino 7 block annotation style

Say you have a main file that you work in with blocks inserted. Is there a way to not have an annotation style brought into your main file with every block. This seems ridiculous to have every block inserted into generate a new annotation style in the main file. Maybe some users liking annotation styles brought in for every block, but I can’t see any use for them for what I do. They just make more of a mess.

Hi Trevor,
Are you using Insert → Linked block with the Reference option?
Reference option guarantees that named objects like layers and annotation styles, remain separate.

Instead of Reference style for your linked block, pick Active when attaching.
Even though it says “layer” in the description, it does affect Annotation style handling, too.
Active will allow named objects like layer and annotation style to be combined.

The downside to Active is that named objects will combined. So you make see a layer color or text font change, as the linked block is resolved and there is already a layer or Annotations style of the same name.

Give Active a try and seen it works better for you.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support