Rhino 7 BETA Available Now!

Rhino WIP 7.0.20168 for Windows and Mac is now available

Bugs Fixed:

  • 3DFace: SubD preview issue (RH-55749)
  • Append:
    • AppendFace: Joining fails randomly (RH-55899)
    • AppendFace: Heap corruptions (RH-58909)
    • AppendFace: Twisted preview in chain mode (RH-58936)
    • AppendFace: FromEdge allows snapping to dated boundary edges (RH-58939)
  • Color Picker: Custom colors aren't showing details but look like they want to (RH-58809)
  • Display:
    • Shaded display on grid plane doesn’t stay intact (RH-57626)
    • Rendered mode isn’t displaying locked objects with transparency (RH-58603)
    • Complaints about curve drawing speed in V6 and V7 (RH-58794)
    • Black triangles on WCS mapped object (RH-58834)
  • DraftAngleAnalysis:
    • Result different from TestSilhouette (RH-58448)
    • Color gradient missing from dialog (RH-58953)
  • Eto: Some command dialogs have 0 padding (RH-59076)
  • ExtrudeSubD: Does not trigger Reflect update (RH-58379)
  • FilletSrf: Trim option does not work (RH-58998)
  • Grasshopper: The Grasshopper placeholder does not correctly keep Parameters connected. (RH-56215)
  • LayerStateManager: Gets width slider for no apparent reason (RH-58885)
  • Lock: Locking/hiding layers does not turn off automatically turned on control points (RH-58816)
  • MergeAllFaces: Goes on forever (RH-57219)
  • MergeFace: Locks up Rhino (RH-58196)
  • MeshIntersect: No result with these two triangles (RH-58694)
  • OSnap:
    • Make locked layer behave like locked object (RH-58871)
    • Make locked picture behave like locked surface (RH-58872)
  • OpenNURBS: Fix example_test and the subd logo test model so public opennurbs tests pass (RH-58890)
  • PlanarUnion: Planar boolean commands: Prompt tune up (RH-58989)
  • Polyline: Direction shifts from Helper for Arc (RH-59000)
  • RDK:
    • Exceptions in VS Designer (RH-58627)
    • PEPs are not executed right after they are added (RH-58734)
    • Quickly clicking material thumbnails in succession causes exception to be thrown (RH-58895)
    • New public IsSelected function for the Post Effect SDK (RH-59002)
  • Rendering:
    • Render doesn’t match Rendered viewport (RH-58632)
    • Glare filter defaults need to be a but different (RH-58888)
  • Rendering: Materials:
    • Rendering Materials: Custom Preview Material goes missing in Cycles (RH-58258)
    • Rendering Materials: Aliasing a drive with MS-DOS subst command causes problems with texture paths (RH-58500)
    • Rendering Materials: Clearcoat bump texture artifact in Rendered mode (RH-58604)
  • Rendering: Texture Mapping:
    • Rendering Texture Mapping: SubD advanced texture preview wrong after undo (RH-58454)
    • Rendering Texture Mapping: WCS mapped displacement on SubD doesn’t show WCS mapped color texture (RH-58595)
    • Rendering Texture Mapping: N-sided faces in SubD don’t show texture map (RH-58596)
  • SDK: Mesh vertex precision data loss in plug-ins and internal code (RH-58829)
  • SDK: Python: SDK Python: Rhino.WindowPick not the same as rhinoscriptsyntax.WindowPick (RH-58495)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • Fix comment for EarthAnchorPoint.EarthBasepointLongitude property (RH-54078)
    • BrepFace.CreateExtrusion documentation need updating (RH-58111)
    • SDK RhinoCommon: Bug in Mesh.GetNakedEdges() when using double precision vertices (RH-58919)
  • Selection: SubObject selecting fails (RH-58774)
  • SelectionFilter:
    • Activating SelFilters deselects current selection (RH-58372)
    • Single filter settings and Isolate do not get along (RH-58975)
  • SubD:
    • Add surface parameters in ON_SubD::GetSurfaceMesh (RH-58458)
    • Face with unset texture domain (RH-58526)
    • Change ON_SubD::ContentSerialNumber to GeometryContentSerialNumber (RH-58882)
    • High stretch on Ngon face with packed textures (RH-58898)
    • Planar mappings loose on a save/reopen (RH-58934)
  • SubD Editing: SubD mesh update needs to set texture mapping tag (RH-58507)
  • SubDLoft: Does not work with Chain option for rails (RH-58815)
  • ToNURBS: ToNurbs - SubD to brep - add option to make bigger brep faces (RH-53157)
  • Unwrap: Ruins SubD preview in Rendered mode (RH-58392)
  • ZoomExtents: Zoom Extents All in Model Space zooms out in Layout (RH-48834)

Crashes Fixed:

  • Rendering: "Safe Frame Settings" in Render menu causes crash (RH-59003)
  • Stitch:
    • ntdll!RtlpHeapFindListLookupEntry – Access Denied (RH-58563)
    • opennurbs!ON_SubD::Orient – Access Denied (RH-58621)
  • SubDLoft: Causes crash with two curves (RH-59018)


  • BlendEdge: More progressive (RH-54486)
  • File IO:
    • OBJ Import - OBJ color converter supports alpha value (RH-58748)
    • SKP Import - New “Import curves” checkbox (RH-58876)
    • SKP Import/Export - Supports SketchUp 2020 file format (RH-58900)
  • FilletSrf: New BlendType=CircularFillet/G2Blend option (RH-58921)
  • Loft: Made SnapToKnots on by default for closed curve matching (RH-58650)
  • OSnap:Quad: OSnap Quad: Supports SubD edges (RH-58079)
  • Polyline: New ThroughPoint option when Mode=Arc (RH-58905)

Features Added:

  • BooleanDifference: Finalize TestPlanarDifference SDK in C++/RhinoCommon (RH-58516)
  • BooleanIntersection: Finalize TestPlanarIntersection SDK in C++/RhinoCommon (RH-58514)
  • BooleanUnion: Finalize TestPlanarUnion SDK in C++/RhinoCommon (RH-58512)
  • Grasshopper: New "Preview Boundary" display option (RH-58981)

SDK Enhancement:

  • RefitTrim: Expose in the SDK (RH-54621)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon: SDK RhinoCommon: Add functionality behind Plane > Deformable to RhinoCommon (RH-58858)

UI Change:

  • MatchSrf: Option "CurveNearSurface" is renamed "OnSurface" (RH-58854)
  • Menu: Add ClearAnalysisMeshes command (RH-58831)
  • Rendering: Materials: Rendering Materials: Preview geometries now use a fixed real-world size (RH-56806)

Usability Problems Fixed:

  • Color Picker: Color picker: Larger current color swatches (RH-58731)
  • FilletEdge: Option shortcuts are unstable (RH-58852)
  • Offset: Shift Trim option (RH-58853)

Mac-Only Changes

Bugs Fixed:

  • ApplyDisplacement: Displacement mesh modifier does not obey OCS frame (RH-57609)
  • Color Picker:
    • Does not open in RhinoWIP for Mac (RH-59081)
    • Resets all global options, and deletes all custom display modes (RH-59094)
  • Export: Information irrelevant to exported objects is also saved (RH-59014)

Crashes Fixed:

  • Displacement: com.mcneel.rhinoceros.RhCore:-[MROpenGLLayer drawInOpenGLContext:pixelFormat:forLayerTime:displayTime:] (RH-58615)


  • Grasshopper:

Incomplete Port:

  • EditPythonScript: Search, replace, cut, copy, paste menus in EditPythonScript on macOS (RH-54432)
  • SDK: GHPython: SDK GHPython: Search, replace, cut, copy, paste menus in GhPython on macOS (RH-54431)

Usability Problems Fixed:

  • Display: Reflect confusion regarding which side is the parent (RH-58585)

Windows-Only Changes

Bugs Fixed:

  • Color Picker: Resets all global options, and deletes all custom display modes (RH-58733)
  • Export: Information irrelevant to exported objects is also saved (RH-58797)
  • Rendering: Cycles: Cycles: Not all CUBIN-files have been properly compiled (sm_3x) (RH-58184)
  • Worksession: Just one warning (RH-58728)
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